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Sub-compact tractors are the smallest tractors suitable for cultivating a medium- to large-sized garden or lifting small loads less than 800 lbs They typically have less than 30 horsepower
Compact tractors are ideal for large gardens or light construction work and generally range from 30 to 50 horsepower
Utility tractors sometimes known as compact utility tractors CUTs are small versions of agriculture tractors making them ideal for landscaping and managing tasks on large properties They have between 50 and 140 horsepower
Row-crop tractors are commercial agriculture tractors designed to cultivate expansive fields and lift massive loads They tend to have more than 140 horsepower and some have upwards of 600 Classification
2WD tractors are to be used for light-duty garden work only
4WD tractors are by far the most common because they offer superior traction and implement towing ability
Track-type tractors tend to be used more in construction but there are a few that offer excellent grip and maneuverability Drive Type
Tractors with a ROPS rollover protection structure feature are the most common In this cab type a simple rollbar protects the driver in the case of the tractor rolling on an incline or being flipped around by a power take off that gets stuck on something immovable
Enclosed cab tractors tend to be more for commercial use These obviously provide the best protection from the elements and some are even climate-controlled to offer the operator a comfortable working environment Cab Type s
Lift Capacity 24 from Lift Point
Drawbar Pull Max
Hydraulic Capacity
Power Gross
Power PTO

John Deere 9460R
Row Crop
4WD, Articulated 4WD
319 HP

New Holland T6.150
100 HP